Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shecky's? More like sucky's!

I almost don't want to write this because it would bring back memories of this seriously crappy event. If some of you are not aware of what Shecky's is, its this girls night out event where you pay 10 dollars to just walk in(not including goodie Bag) to mingle with other females, have drinks, and basically is supposed to be awesome. Well, no that is not what it is. It's basically a joke. The drinks were watered down, there was no free food, and basically it was just a bunch of vendors selling knock off jewelry( one even had the gull to sell knock off House of Harlow, and had a picture of Nicole Richie wearing their "designs" ..REALLY? ) and hand bags. Renee and I walked to every booth and it was just one let down after another. Here's a timeline of events:

6:00pm- Renee and I  get there at six, the line to get in is agonizingly long... we tried to make small talk with the girls in front of us, but sadly, they were not interested in small talk or being nice. -_-

6 30- Finally in, this is sadly the high light of the night, we get our picture taken, it felt glamorous but then it all went down hill. We were pushed into this room, full of people and had no idea what to do. Also no coat check, so we had to wear or carry our winter coats around a 70+ degree room(only VIB members aka people who paid for the year could do a coat check, wtf. I mean really? REALLY? ( I love SNL, can you tell?)

The line for drinks..LONG.

The line to get upstairs, LONG!

Over crowded and overwhelmed.
7pm-7:30pm- We walk around, and see a table that looks like its giving away free samples, nope they were selling these tiny truffles for almost 3$ I mean seriously? I don't mind buying from small businesses but at least offer a sampling, I love chocolate, so if I had a just  a taste, their would have been a 10000% chance that I would have bought something. Just saying. I love my chocolate. Then we go and decide to get a drink, the line is long and there is beer and two cocktails to choose from, cranberry with pineapple vodka (sponsored) and Pineapple juice with cranberry vodka (sponsored, Lets just say a lot of things were sponsored).

We make our way to pick up our goodie bags that we paid 20$ for, and what a disappointment. They were filled with mostly trial sized lotions and a vitamin water. It was not worth the 20$ we paid. This was when the our piles of straws was getting smaller and smaller.. so we make out way upstairs to this tiny side floor, and we see food! Now at this point I'm hot, gross feeling, and annoyed. We ask a girl if its free, shes says yes! SCORE! A lady is talking to Renee, I can not hear what she is saying but i grab a small paper plate and pick up a pair of tongs to grab a chocolate strawberry. A man starts to YELL at me, and then a woman swats my head away, like a child. I was embarrassed, and felt like a child. Apparently you had to sign up for a piece of free food, yes, sign up for a weekly food delivery food service. The last straw was drawn, placed on the camels back and getting treated like a child was it!

By 8,  At this point, not only are we annoyed, we just want to get the hell out of the place. Renee and I say lets get one more drink and leave, so we get our drinks( line was even longer!) and proceed to try and find the exit, go back to the front. Nope. It was in the corner, with a piece of paper of that said exit. Yup. A piece of paper. We leave, and it takes us straight outside. no proper good byes, thank yous, nothing. You know what it kind of felt like? A walk of shame, we passed a whole bunch of people waiting to get in, yes because it wasn't crowded enough already.
So, in the end the night was a big dud! We basically paid to shop, yeah. And never again. We give Shecky's a big fat FAIL.

 Erika and Renee- All Glitzed Up.


  1. Wow that sounds horrible! I really laughed about the 2 cocktails there were to choose from, cranberry with pineapple vodka and pineapple juice with cranberry vodka lol oh dear not much choice eh.
    I really feel bad about what a terrible event it was for you, but thanks for putting it out there, so others can avoid!

    1. Hey youlittlebeauty!

      Thanks for the comment! Yeah it really does suck, we were really looking forward to this, and both needed a girls night- yes avoid!

      Erika and Renee