Thursday, February 2, 2012

Elizabeth Proofit Liquid Eyeliner 24h Waterproof & Sweatproof

I am going to borrow the following image since I no longer have the product, I finished it a while back but after I got a newer (and better!) Japanese liquid eyeliner I wanted to review this one first.
Image from here

Erika and I were shopping in Tokyo for a new black liquid eyeliner in Tokyo summer 2010 (I almost typed last summer, but then realized last summer would now be summer 2011.. wow how time flies!) and we happened upon this one in a drugstore. We were hooked on the promise of a fine, perfect line with 24 hour waterproof and sweatproof wear, plus the fact that it claims to make your eyes bigger (think more defined) didn't hurt, and we grabbed them.

It did last a long time for me without flaking/sweating off. What I didn't like though, was the felt tip- it was so stiff it was hard to apply the product, and if you didn't hold it at a certain angle it wouldn't flow (think a lipstain but as an eyeliner.) The tip would also dry out quickly and you would have to shake it a lot to get it to flow again. It is an ok product, it does what it claims, but I don't like the tip and how hard it is to apply the product.

I have another liquid eyeliner that I purchased which I like much better, with a brush tip and twist end that releases the liner rather than having to just hold it at an awkward angle. The package also claimed the brush is so precise that you can line your bottom lashes with it (yes a liquid eyeliner!) so I must admit that is one of the things that really sold me on it. I will review it at a later date :) I think Erika might have purchased this one too, so please, give your opinions on both!


  1. How did you find this??? I looked for hours online for any info. Mine is BONE DRY. Couldnt even do a line on my hand. I have to do a review on the maybelline one, with tink on it!

  2. I put in a few different searches, and it came up the 2nd or 3rd one, not too bad. A lot of other ones did come up so I had to kind of filter through. Yes, review that one! It's super cute!

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