Friday, January 13, 2012

What is your new year's beauty resolution?

Every year we all make the same resolution.. lose weight(me!), exercise more (me!) eat healthier (me!) donate to charity more (me!) you get my point... some of us succeed(not me!) though. But this year I decided, I need to make a resolution that can be attainable. Make it a beauty one!

Mine is, to organize my make up and wear different colors. I have so much make up, and a good 75% of it never gets used. Why? Because I tend to stay in my box and never want to get out of it! I stick to my browns, berries, and blacks. It's a shame because I have this amazing collection of colors and brands, and they go unused. So the other day, I organized my make up and today... I am proudly wearing my bright electric eye pencil from Urban Decay that I bought last year.. and never wore once. I paired it with a chocolate brown, and ZOMG gorgeous! But the idiot I am, didn't snap a picture. But I will def. be doing this look again, because it is a great pairing!

I will post pictures of my organized make-up, I am very proud of myself! I had to force myself to toss some mascaras though.. I know I know. It was very hard, but it's not worth getting an infection just because I need to hold onto a mascara that I have had since 2010. I know.. so gross. I also took a baggie and filled it with make up that I am donating to my sister and family. Now that was hard! But I feel so much better knowing that someone else will get use of it instead of just sitting in a drawer never being touched! So that was my New Year's beauty resolution.. what was and is yours?

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  1. Good resolution & I def want to see that blue/brown eye combo, that sounds amazing! My beauty resolution is to go on a temporary no buy until I use all my old stuff (getting there!) I, like you, do not touch 75% of my stuff due to that, and I also bought a TON of stuff in NY. Because of this, I'm not only not buying ANYTHING else till a select few things that I handpicked are used up, but also until I rock some of my other things that I've barely touched! Wish me luck :D