Thursday, January 19, 2012

My two favorite Christmas gifts!

Ack I'm crap at blogging! But here I am back on the saddle again. I just wanted to post two of my favorite Christmas gifts that I received. Yes I am aware that it's been almost a month since Christmas passed but I digress..and I'm human!

 The earrings are from my boss, it is really odd calling her my boss, but she is. For the people who dont't know I am a live in nanny. 

The reason why she gave me diamond earrings..(YES REAL DIAMOND EARRINGS) is one day we were having a conversation and I said that it's sad that I'm 30, and I don't own anything with a diamond. I wasn't hinting at anything.. it was just more of a passing thought.

Well come a few days before Christmas, and she gives me my gifts (well we exchanged) and I knew the second I saw the box, that they were Diamond earrings.

I sucked in those tears so fast..:hello my name is Erika, and I hate crying in front of people: and gave her a hug. I can rightfully say now, that I am the owner of a pair of gorgeous diamond earrings!

The headband is from Renee, who got it in a shop in Japan. I think I know which one;)

I love that it's simple, but makes a statement. I love headbands, but sometimes I get a headache from them. With this one, I can't even feel it half the time.

I wish I could take a better picture of it, but the days haven't been too sunny here in NY. I have to work with angles before I get a decent picture. I did get a good amount of gifts this year, but I have to say these were my favorites;)



  1. Yay! Those earrings are gorgeous, and I'm glad you like the headband ^__^ I saw it and knew it was totally you! I like this post, maybe I'll do one too :)

  2. Hi Erika, it's never too late to post anything :) Those earrings are gorgeous and congrats to you. great post and looking forward to more.

    1. Thanks:) I just replied on your blog, you are seriously gorgeous!