Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Essence 24h Hand Protection Balm Vanilla Apple Pie

This is the awesome hand cream that Dee sent me in our swap! I did a little research on it, and it is from this seasons 2011 Little Bakery LE winter edition.

Don't they all look so yummy? I read reviews on it somewhere, and the general consensus was that the Vanilla Apple Pie smells the best (another winner from Dee!) The formula contains coconut and shea butter, so it is super moisturizing, it really does last a long time (maybe not quite 24 hours for me, since my hands are always super dry in the winter) but good enough I'd say. It smells SOOO amazing, just like a hot cinnamon-y apple pie with vanilla ice cream on top. The perfect scent for winter :)

Speaking of their Little Bakery line, look at this!

How cute is this?? I usually don't wear jewelry like this, but omg I want one. I wish they sold Essence products by me! I would have snapped this ring up in a heartbeat.

If you have access to it, or can get someone to get this for you, I'd say grab one before they're gone, you won't be sorry!

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