Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My swap goodies from Cinnamon Cocoa!

I had been wanting to do a swap for ages, and the awesome Cinnamon Cocoa from Makeup Talk found me. We just finished our trade, and I can't believe how much she spoiled me! I really never expected all of this. Everything was also wrapped up SO pretty. She sent me all of these polishes, a blush, two liquid eyelines, an eyeliner pencil, hand cream, lip gloss, two shadow quads, face masks, European chocolate, and GUMMIES, one of my absolute favorite candies. How she knew, I do not know!!

Swap with Cinnamon Cocoa from Makeup Talk 1
In this pic: Essence Gel Look Topcoat, MNY (Euro Maybelline Line) #553, Flormar numbers 418, 419, 431, 314, P2 Most Wanted #10 True Blue, P2 Color Victim #601 Good Luck, and Catrice Cosmetics #300 Be My Millionaire

Swap with Cinnamon Cocoa 2
Flormar Eyeshadow Quad #405, Misslyn Eyeshadow Quad #188, MNY Blush #301

Swap with Cinnamon Cocoa #3
Misslyn Lip Gloss #29 Pink Flamingo, Essence Glam Liners in #1 Just Classy and #3 Stage Diva, NYX Eye Pencil in #930 Teal

Swap with Cinnamon Cocoa #4

Rival de Loop Face Masks and Essence 24h Protective Balm Vanilla Apple Pie

Swap with Cinnamon Cocoa 5
Hussel Euro chocolates/gummies, and Haribo gummies! One is fruit punch flavor, I've never had those.. All these candies look amazing!

Thank you so much Dee, I am so in love with everything :) I will be swatching everything here soon! I can't wait for our spring swap!


  1. You are so welcome!!! Everyone loves gummies or they should!! Ha! I also love the P2 name "Color Victim" its their regular line and the "Most Wanted" was the seasonal one. Forgot to mention that. ^_^

  2. Oo the Most Wanted is a seasonal line? Cool! I already have a 3D manicure idea for that one! I have a Xmas 3D manicure on right now that I'm going to make last until then (I put TONS of gel topcoat on top so nothing gets messed up) but that will be the first one I will use :D

  3. By the way, what's in the bottom part of the masks? I can't figure it out!

  4. Sorry I forgot to tell ya. There are two masks in one pack. If you tear along the middle it will seperate the two. Its two of each, cool huh?