Sunday, December 18, 2011

Misslyn Quattro Powder Eyeshadow #188

This is the other eye shadow that I received in the swap with the lovely Dee :) A description of the brand from their website Misslyn:
"Cool, stylish design with particularly appeals to young, trend-conscious customers while enjoying acceptance among all age groups. An innovative color concept which picks up the newest fashion trends on a regular cycle of six weeks. High quality products offering excellent value for money from a suitable alternative to cheap cosmetics for specialized trade. Misslyn is the only brand in this price range which is exclusively offered in perfumeries."

Please don't mind the fingerprints! This eyeshadow contains four beautiful, highly pigmented metallic olive shades. The staying power is amazing, the swatches didn't wash off easily, and I am not using any primer.

Missha Quattro Powder Eyeshadow #188 swatches

The swatches, in order, a light golden green, a deep golden olive, a brown toned army green, and a gray toned army green.

These shadows are amazing! Highly pigmented, great shimmery metallic colors that are super blendable, awesome staying power. A very trendy, edgy yet wallet friendly brand with a large range of quality products. The only problem is it seems to be a German company, so it may be pretty hard to get outside of Europe (I have no idea how far out of Germany it is distributed, if it even is at all.) I recommend this brand to anyone with access to it!


  1. Okay the other palette is pretty, but I looooovee olive greens! Gorgeous!

  2. I love that eyeshadow. I want little glittery eyeshadow. :)

    Now following you. :)

  3. thanks for following me..i'm following you now too.

  4. I might go and pick that up for myself. I personally haven't seen Misslyn outside of Germany.