Monday, November 28, 2011

Urban Decay 24/7 pencil stash glide on eyeshadows

In April, with a Sephora gift card in hand I purchased two of the colors from the Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eyeshadow line. I liked that you could use it three ways: Eyeshadow, eyeliner, and a base for similar colored pan eyeshadow. I just happen to be with my friend Tarah, when a woman named Joie working for Urban Decay grabbed me (okay she didn't grab me) and did my make up with the color Narc. She also did my make up in a few other colors, but I loved how the green made my brown eyes appear.. well less brown! (does that make sense?)
Not photoshopped by the way... because then I would have done something about those eyebrows..yeesh.
I also bought a light purple one called Morphine. (gotta love those names) So when UD came out with a set of five for 34$ I hemed and hawed for awhile and finally when the friends and family sale came to Sephora, I got them.

No flash, and you can see the names. Tarah has the purple and I have to say it is gorgeous in real life!
No flash and NO PRIMER!

Flash... and still no primer. Aren't they gorgeous?
Clash is a tad more blue then the 24/7 eyeliner pencil Electric and less green then Flipside.

JuJu is a gorgeous sandy light brown, almost beige.

Delinquent is just mesmerizing in real life, its a dark purple with shimmer, beautiful! It also goes well with Rehab.

Rehab is a gorgeous chocolate brown, that looks amazing around your entire eye. You can get a gorgeous brown smokey eye from it with Sin in the corner.

Sin is a light golden fleshy color. Definitely a great highlighting color!

The pros- good value! Five colors instead of 20$ for just one. good coverage.

The cons- I think they should have added black, three browns were just a bit too much! Even though it was good coverage, I think a primer would help and make them last much longer. They crease a little, but nothing to complain about!


The set is 34$ and can be found at and
(thanks to Scrangie for the pictures!)

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  1. Great look Erika!! I have one in Midnight Cowboy, I got it over the summer. LOVE it! Gah I'm so upset I missed the big sale... >_< I wants moreeeee!