Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nail Polish Haul!!!

Recently I got a nice nail polish haul from eBay that I have been dying to share!

First, does anyone remember Pop Rocks nail polish from the brand Blue Cross Beauty? I had one wayyy back in high school (I actually still have it, one of the few now extinct awesome polishes that I managed to hold on to.) They were pretty awesome, four holographic nail polishes in a jelly base. The one I had from hs is called Backstage Pass, a clear holographic polish. You can imagine my surprise when I searched eBay for them and there they were!

I got two from ebay, Groupie Green and Scalper Red. There's one more, though I forget the name of the color at the moment. I will be getting it in the future!
I can't wait to try them out!

The next polish I got was from Maybelline. Does everyone remember the Wet Shine Diamonds look they used to have? I was a BIG fan of those, and was very disappointed when I couldn't find them anymore. Apparently they were called Water Shine Diamonds in the UK, and when the same seller (I got all the nail polishes from them) had one, I had to get it! The color is called Strawberry Diamonds.
Isn't it pretty?? <3

The next two are also from Maybelline, from their Colorama line. I was so happy to find these cheap! The colors are Pop Corn and Sugar Pearl.

The last polish I got is from UK brand Collection 2000 in Pink Shimmer.

All pictures are from eBay seller pinkcircle (I will post swatches on A Polished Life)

Thanks for looking!!


  1. All beautiful!! How much did you pay?

  2. Thanks! I paid about $12 total before shipping, I got a really great deal! I had Strawberry Diamonds on a few weeks ago, it was SO pretty. I didn't get a chance to take a pic of it before it chipped, so I'll have to wear it again soon.