Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Makeup gifts from Yoshi's co-worker!

Recently Yoshi's co-worker went to Hawaii, and brought me a few gifts back. One was a bag of rainbow twizzlers, and the other two were makeup!

The first was John Masters Organics Lip Calm. I actually hadn't heard of the brand until she gave me the lip balm, but it's decent stuff. It's certified ASCO and USDA organic, and supposed to be super good for lips.
Image courtesy of coolspotters

My verdict?

I liked that it made my lips smooth, wasn't at all sticky, and the fact that it's organic and therefore contains no harsh chemicals.

I disliked: the fact that it contains fruit peel extracts... Yes, I dislike fruit peel. I am one of those people who cant eat marmalade and dislikes foods and sauces containing Yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit resembling a lemon) because they also use the peel..
*However: the peel scent isn't totally overpowering, so I can handle it, and although I do really appreciate the thought I don't think it is something I would personally buy again. Those who do like fruit peel may really enjoy it.

She also brought me OPI Passion from the 2008 Soft Shades collection. A sheer, light pink. I have a few pink polishes (that's an understatement! I love pink polish :D) but I don't have one quite like this, so I can't wait to try it out :)
OPI Passion NLH19 (sheer creme)
Image courtesy of Google Products

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