Thursday, June 20, 2013

Expensive make-up, is it worth it?


I have been an avid reader of for about a year now. I love her honesty. She gets sent loads of make-up, nail polish, and other goods. But instead of raving about a product that was sent to her, she tells it like it is.

Ive also noticed this in the past with certain products that I have purchased that well.. it was not worth the money. And well it sucks!

The two particular companies that I have noticed this is Nars and MAC. Now I love me some Nars, I have been a fan of the orgasm blush since 2004. I just think the company got cocky, because they have been releasing...dud products. And the prices aren't justified with a dud product.
The colors are gorgeous but the application ...FAIL

Mac's big bounce eyeshadows/creme concoction. I can see where they were going with this concept but really Mac, did you not see the hot mess that was going to happen?
The biggest offender of this at the moment is MAC. They are shooting new products left and right! Some good, some awful. I just can not imagine what it going through their heads when they create a product, they give it the seal of approval, and then charge an offensive price for it. I mean really?

Bobbi Brown has been releasing some bombs as well, if you take a look over at Temptalia's website, you will see that a lot of her eyeshadows haven't been living up to the price you are paying. And the over pricing of her eye liners makes me a bit perturbed. (go get the new Maybelline Master Drama eyeliner, 5$ I've been using it for a few weeks now, and it's better than the Stila Kajal eyeliner that I was using for an intense black lined eye.

Even my beloved Urban Decay has shot out a few less then par products including the new book of shadows. Please take note if you work for UD, stop re-releasing the same colors in your BOS and part 2. I currently own the same eyeshadow 3 times over. It's annoying. (I'm looking at you, Baked)
Gorgeous eyeshadow but it is in every palatte!
You would think that in the cosmetics world, where products coming from Wet N Wild, Elf, and N.Y.C having been producing some amazing payoff products from the range of 1$ to 5$, that they would amp up the ante and make a supurb product instead of a subpar one.
$3- yes. You did good WnW.

So in the end, their are products that are worth the price tag, such as foundations and powders, but when it comes to things like that bright purple eyeshadow or a glitter packed lip gloss, maybe you should shoot for the lower priced item. Now I'm not saying, you can't treat yourself but next time you are grabbing for that newest gotta have it eyeshadow in Sephora, do some walking around, perhaps look it up on your phone, see some reviews. And of course, try it on in the store(if you can). If it has been a bad few weeks and it's something you see yourself wearing it more than once, go for it. But if by the end of your visit in Sephora and you forgot about it or it looks kinda off on you and you cant Justify the purchase.. walk away ( and maybe go to the drugstore)

Okay, enough from me!

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