Monday, October 17, 2011

Acrylic nail mold lot from eBay

Yay, they're finally here!
As some of you may know if you've visited APL, I am very into nail design. I've been lemming after 3D nail molds for a long time, but just never got around to getting them.

Erika and I were looking on eBay one day, and she found me this lot. It was cheap, a little over $10 USD, but the catch was you didn't get to choose which molds you get. I really wanted bows, hearts, and roses, but buying them separately cost quite a bit more than buying them together, so I took a chance.

I know the picture kinda stinks, but I had to take it on a dark background or the designs on them would never show up since they're a clearish color.
Acrylic nail mold lot from eBay by KitaRei
Acrylic nail mold lot from eBay, a photo by KitaRei on Flickr.

I did get bows and two kinds of flowers (including roses), YAY, but alas, no hearts :( I also want ice creams too. I have to resort to buying them separately on da evil bay~
This one had: bows, ladybugs, seashells, roses, daisies, snowflakes, leaves, dragonflies, winged hearts, and lollipops.

All I have to do now (and I started last night) is find some more tutorials on how to make 3D acrylic designs with them. It looked easy enough from the ones I saw, but I will "study" a bit more first :)


  1. No hearts?? BOOOO! Its so true, evil bay, very fitting!

  2. Yeah, it really stunk that there were no hearts, and you'd think that they'd be included since it's a pretty basic shape! Ah well, when I save a few dollars I'll be on again hunting for one ;)