Friday, September 2, 2011

Revlon Scented Polish review (Japanese version)

Hi all :)

This post is to review the Japanese version of Revlon's new scented nail polish.

Yoshi brought me home the cotton candy polish as a surprise gift the other day. In this set all of the bottles are smaller(very typical of Japanese polishes), and there is an exclusive polish, Ramune (a type of Japanese soda, pronounced ra moo nay), a light purple. I need to pick it up:)

Review: It smells really yummy, and I love the color. I can't stop smelling my nails! However, the application is only so/so (applies streaky) and it takes a while to dry. It actually dries "soft", so even after it's dried it can still be nicked if you aren't careful. I will still buy more from the set anyway, I like these polishes despite their flaws.

I will be posting the actual swatch of this and more on
Look out for it!

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