Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I've become a little obsessed..

with watching YouTube make up artist videos. I've found some amazing ones in the past year. My faves of course are Panacea81, MissChievous, Michelle Phan (even if her voice can be a little too much for some people..ahem Xsparkage, and finally the one that I have been watching for the past few weeks: Lisa Eldridge. How did I not know this woman existed?! Here is one of my favorite looks:
When you open the video, the look she is wearing is one of my favorite make up combos. A chocolate smokey eye, with pink lips. But as the title of the video states, I also love the electric blue eye that are done. I loves me some bold blue eye shadows. Urban decay has a gorgeous color called Peace, and one of my favorite eyeliners from them is their 24/7 eyeliner is Electric.

Another great thing about this video is that is shows that you can commit the less talked about 8th cardinal sin, the "you can't wear blue eye shadow with blue eyes sin". But you CAN as Lisa shows. My boss, when I met her,  wore blue eyeshadow, blue eyeliner.. and even blue mascara. It was blue overkill. I said, " You can wear blue eyeshadow with blue eyes, it's called one at a time, blue in moderation". Thankfully she has discovered browns, grays, and even silver!

But seriously, check out more of Lisa's videos, I think I have seen ever one, and a few 2x!


  1. I've been watching the videos, can I say addictive?!

  2. They are! I watch mine at night.. hence the 2am bedtime now..