Sunday, August 7, 2011

Just some new things that I made this week-

Hey everyone,
So this week I suddenly became inspired to make some new jewelry pieces using the beads that I got from a store called "Parts Club" in Japan. I loved this store!

 I had to have Renee make me stop, because the selection was amazing!  but I did get some very nice strands.  Mostly 4mm CZ rondelles though. I did also get a Jack Skellington bead kit, that will take me about a year to figure out! 
Click to see a more detailed look!

I used these simple silver hoops that I bought from a store on called Ever Luxe. If you are into jewelry making they have the best selection! I also made two necklaces, the purple one is a druid teardrop with a silver floral teardrop componet. The blue one, is so much more brighter in real life. I has a CZ bright blue drop, a blue tassle, and a Swarovski teardrop that I bought in a cute little store in Virgina when I visited my friend Tarah. I will hopefully be listing these pieces on etsy very soon!
Ok, tata for now!

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  1. Oooo Great stuff Erika! I love the hoops and that BLUE! Gorgeous :)