Thursday, July 28, 2011

What is the one part of your beauty regime that always questions you?

A few weeks ago, Renee and I were having a discussion about what part of make up that always makes you take a double look. She responded with: is she is putting on her blush correctly?  I know so many people including myself always feel the same way about blush. Is it too much, not enough? I try to stick to the apple of my cheeks to give a nice flushed look.
My favorite blushes are of course Nars Orgasm. Ive had it for a few years and still have yet to see the pan of it, so money spent well! A cheaper option is from E.L.F is Candid Coral and if you like more glitter, Fuchsia Fusion, which is a great dupe for Super Orgasm. I love to use cream blush, I feel like I have more control of the amount I put on. One of my favorites is from Mark. called Just Pinched, Instant blush in "berry" The color is dark, but believe me, it is very sheer and gives just a hint of color. Great for the winter! But in the summer, it is not practical to have cream blush as it will be off your face before you can even say "it's 95 degrees out!".

Elf "Candid Coral" It is an almost dupe for Orgasm, not perfect, but for 3$ who cares! I can vouch for Elf's blushes, they have great pigmentation and stay for hours!

The infamous "Orgasm" blush, pricy but worth the money, lasts for ages!

 One of my "beauty hmmms?" are eyeliner. It does not even matter what brand I use, from the cheapest to the most expensive, I can not get my eyeliner to stay. I know most of you are saying, well use a primer, or set it with powder! Done and done. I have small eyes, so it is par for the course. It does not matter how I put on my eyeliner, by the end of the day its either gone, or in the inner corner of my eye.. all gooped up. Gross. I think we all have these beauty boggles. That one part of our make up regime is always going to puzzle us, or even make us want to give up a make up all together, quelle horreur!

But for now, I must go. Back to work :wink:

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  1. You hit the nail on the head! I am always nervous with applying my blush, but I do the best I can. Super Orgasm by Nars is my absolute favorite blush (and Erika is right about the dupes! Elf makes some pretty darn good stuff!)

    Share your beauty hmms? with us!