Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Naive Peach Moist Foaming Face Wash

Naive is an inexpensive Japanese drugstore line of skin and body care products made by Kracie, a division of Kanebo. I usually buy their peach body wash, so I thought, why not, and picked this up. It costs about $5.

This is a thick, foamy cleanser made with peach juice extract, trehalose, and peach leaf extract. It claims to penetrate into pores and get rid of oil, dirt, and even makeup, leaving a clean, refreshing feeling. The trehalose is said to help restore skin's natural moisture to leave skin more radiant.

Image courtesy of rakuten

The first impression I had was it had a really nice light peach scent (not overpowering.) When I first squeezed it out of the tube, I squeezed a little bit too much (a little will go a long way) and noticed it was very, very smooth. This is a good quality, considering it's a foam wash ;) After I washed my face with it, I did feel a little moisturized, not a whole lot but it is a drugstore product so I wasn't expecting too much. It also doesn't clean as deeply as I would have hoped, but again, I wasn't exactly surprised.

Overall, I did like the smell, texture, and it did moisturize. I'd say it is a good product, but I would want to try out and compare other cleansers before buying again.


  1. Dude, I want to go to town with this stuff! point me to the nearest store that sells it!