Monday, June 13, 2011

Clarisonic- The good, the bad, and the ugly(purge!)

Superb posing skills!

So since I turned the big.. um well a milestone birthday, I am trying to take better care of my skin. A few weeks ago,  I was visiting my sister+her hubby+and my niece (my mama!) in New Orleans/Meatorie area and we took a visit to the local mall.

Of course we stopped in the Mothership, no not Target. The other Mothership, Sephora. I was there just to look around and of course, after many walk byes I finally purchased a Clarisonic.  I decided on the Mia. I don't need the huge mamajama one that can be used for your body and I'  Now which Mia.. well I decided on the Mia Deep Pore Cleanser, as an ode to one of best scenes of Daria. PORES! "My Pores are teeny tiny! Wait.. Are you ZOOMING!? STOP! That's it! YOU'RE FIRED"Ah Quinn.. it's a love/hate relationship with her.
Yes, yes I do.

Well day 1 aka the good after the annoying but nessecery 24 hour charging, I gave it a go. It was weird, but in a good way;). My skin was soo freaking clean, like too clean! I slopped on some moisturizer and holycrap my skin sucked it in. So far, im won over! That is the good.

Now the bad. After a few washes, I wake up with a pizza face. WTF. I am pissed. I paid so much money for this thing, and it has made my skin look 10x worse. I want to cry. But I dont. I am not that sad.sorta. I freak out..etc. You see where this is going. I google "bad breakout clarisonic" and I get a bajillion results.

And now with those results, I bring you the UGLY.  Basically what was happening was this process called Purging. My skin, aparenty after years of washing it like a jackass would, was full of crap. Years of dead skin, oils, just to put it mildly..crap. And now this Maisah of skin product cleaners was digging it out. I also read it can take up too 2 months to finish digging out all the crap.

What the f..bad word.

Well I am on week 3 now. It still looks kinda pizza ish. But it is clearing. I have also just continued use to 1x a day, at night. Also another bad.. my under eyes were insanely dry. Since we do not have oil glands underneath our eyes (did you know that? Crazy right?) I was taking any kind of moisture from it. Bring on the eye cream!

I have upped the ante with my under eye care as well. I have started to use this product. I  read some awesome reviews for it. And after a few days of use, all was okay in undereye land.

So what do I think of the Clarisonic. Well, I am glad I bought it. Skin is worth it. Am I annoyed at the fact that they don't put a warning on the front (or anywhere on the box) that you will look like a pizza face when you use it the first week, UM YES.
Overall, I'm glad I bought it. In the years to come, my skin will thank me. It's cursing my ass at right now though.


  1. Hi Erika! We know the purging process can be frustrating, but we are glad you decided to stick it out! Keep us posted on your long-term results!

    1. I am Happy to report my skin is almost 100% clear! Thank you very much!


  2. I want a Clarisonic SO BADLY.

    I had a similar purging process when I started using black soap...I feel your pain!

    1. Wow, this is a super super duper late reply, so sorry! Yes this is $$ but its worth it, you're skin feels amazing. Products glide on, its worth it. Black soap, I have used it, its crazy! But it feels so clean after, I got mine in Osaka, and your skin, it feels so good. but the purging, sucks!