Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Non-toxic healthy lipstick?

...That has antioxidants? Count me in!

Bite is a new line of lipstick that contains Vitamin E and açaí berries, two-well known antioxidants. These have been in anti-aging cosmetics for ages now, but something called resveratrol is making it's grand debut. This chemical is found in grape skin, therefore also in red wine, and as reports have said is thought to be good in the fight against heart disease.
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The products have been sold at Sephora since March. The healthy and chemical free collection is not limited to lipstick. There are also pencils, lip balms, superfruit butters, vitamin gels and more, each reported to contain the antioxidants of five glasses of red wine. Considering how much lipstick a woman swallows in her lifetime, this could be a good thing!

I haven't tried it yet, I've just gathered information from several websites, (and I'm sure it may be no miracle worker) but I definitely wanted to spread the word and pick up something on Amazon!

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