Monday, May 23, 2011

Hello Kitty & S Cawaii eyelash case

I know this one is a few weeks late, but I got my issue late as well.. so instead of this being a post encouraging all of you to go out and buy the magazine (don't worry, those will be coming soon!) this one will be another post showing you how good these freebies are.

This was the April 2011 issue of S Cawaii magazine (since it is still relatively new there may be some magazines still available, as I know from experience in NY overseas bookstores get them late) so don't despair!
The feature was a super cute Hello Kitty false eyelash case. She's pink with eyelashes and a polka dot bow. The inside has a mirror, a spot for eyelashes and another separate spot for eyelash glue. It is just too darn cute!

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Here's an inside shot of mine to show what it looks like:

Hello Kitty & S Cawaii eyelash case by KitaRei
Hello Kitty & S Cawaii eyelash case, a photo by KitaRei on Flickr.

Please excuse the condition of the lashes.. I had worn them today and just put them in there for the photo - they're about to have a bath!

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