Friday, April 15, 2011

My Bio

Hey everyone,

Now that you have met Renee, It's my turn for an introduction~

Well, you know my name is Erika (easy part out of the way,phew) and I design jewelry. I am thissss much done with my degree in Graphic Design so I hope to make jewelry design more included in my life. I would also (if I am super lucky) would love to make it my career. My online etsy store is ErikaJaneJewels

Speaking of careers, I am a full time nanny to toddler twins(girls) which means that probably 80% of day consists changing diapers, making food, dealing with  tantrums, play dates, and basically breaking up fights 30 times a day. The other  20% is eating, sleeping and bathing(tmi..) oh yeah, can't forget my hot sexy dates with school work that can go to 2 am. Jealous? I know you are;)

I have been designing jewelry for about 7 years now, wow seven years! Has it been that long? I do everything from friendship bracelets to sterling silver and gold pieces. I love to mix it up, I never pigeon hole myself when it comes to jewelry design. I am also a watercolor nerd, and book nerd, and well a nerd in general;)

I like the trends, but I like to do my own thing as well, my own interpretation of jewelry design. Well, I think that's it for now (for now! don't worry I'll be back) But I leave you with a few of my pieces of jewelry:

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