Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Revisiting old favorites!

Im in crazy spring cleaning mode lately, trying to keep my mind off my tooth especially.. yeah when you resort to cleaning, you know its bad. Ive been in a makeup rut, using the same things over and over. I tend to go for my Deep throat Nars blsh in my At first sight palette that I need to blog about! its a great palate to take away for the weekend.
Its a sheer flirty peachy color, that has less shimmer than orgasm. I good to go blush that you can not mess up! 

But since I have been reaching for this one so often, I've neglected my other blushes that I have. My other babies! One in particular....

Its Frankly Scarlet by MAC! I don't own a lot of MAC cosmetics, shocking I know... but the ones that  I do own are some cult products from them. I wanted to get something from them that was different, not like the other blushes I already owned. When I got this bad boy in the mail, I made the mistake of adding a crap load to the brush and yeah... it was a hot mess! With this blush, the mantra less is more.. less is more.... less is more! I grabbed it from my drawer and have been adding it to my make up the past few days. It gives a pop of color, like someone either pinched you or slapped you! If you  want a great dupe for this color, NYX makes a matte red that is its long lost twin!

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Want a flushed look? If you are going for a light coverage day perhaps using a tinted moisturizer or a bb cream, put on a cream blush first. Then apply the bb cream or tinted moisturizer, it will blend with the cream blush giving you the flushed look you desire.

I do this a lot, especially with this cream blush from Stila in Poppy. It gives me the flush that makes me look like I'm not wearing blush, but secretly am ;)

Friday, April 11, 2014


Sorry about the lack of posts from me, Ive been battling a terrible toothache. Went to the dentist and basically, me and the dentist are going to be close friends the next few months. I need a lot of dental work. Ah teeth.

I had some CVS bucks that were expiring, so I had some time to kill the other day so I went to CVS to see what the had, the cvs by me is pretty bleak when it comes to new things. SO I wasn't shocked when they had nothing new. And when they do, its blended in with the older make up, so you have to dig to find new things. I did get a  few things that I read good things about-

*Everything except the wet n wild palette and the nail envy is from CVS.

Revlon Color Stay 24 hour foundation-
Ive been reading a ton of raves about the Revlon Color Stay 24 hour foundation, I remember trying it a long time ago and not feeling it. I think the formula improved or maybe i was crazy, bt this stuff is amazing! I think its my new foundation.

OPI Nail Envy-
 My nails stink, they don't grow, they peel.. they blow. I'm giving nail envy a try to see if anything happens. So far, its so/so. To early to report anything.

Freeman Purifying Paper mask-
I love me some facial paper masks, well facial masks in general. I especially like the peely ones.. he he. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks promising!

Biore is a hit or miss, I love the nose strips, but the face ones, do not work for me. I'm a big fan of anything charcoal at the moment, so I scooped this trial size face wash to see if it was worth getting the bigger size. Ive used it a few times, and I have to say I'm impressed. It cleans very well, so I may get the bigger size after I finish the 30 facial cleaners I have right now... I have a problem!

Rimmel Stay Matte primer-
I love there powder, probably the best powder Ive have used. I wanted to get this for the summer because my skin becomes gross and oilier, basically super sexy. I tried it over my make up the other day, and I report it works great!

NYC Lexington Lilac-
I LOVE THIS COLOR.  I do not own anything close to it. Which is shocking, because I own 300 billion nail polishes. I can't believe this polish is only $1. It goes on like a dream, and is opaque in 2 coats. Def will be getting more of these polishes, this shows you that even though its cheap doesn't mean its crap. I can say that this actually puts a few more pricer polishes I own to shame..

Ill do a separate post on the wet n wild palette. Believe me, it deserves it!


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Old standbys!

We all have that arensal of make up products that we use, always grab for, even though we have a ton of products in our makeup collection. It always does the job and never lets you down. Well here are a few of mine:

Urban decay zero eyeliner:
Every girl needs a black eyeliner and this is the one that I always grab for. I do use other ones, like stila and Smashbox. But since I seem to have a never ending supply for these bad boys, I have come to depend on them. It will be a very sad day when I have none left and have to actually buy one!

Rimmel stay matte powder: 
There is a reason this product has a cult following, its amazing! Even with the old lady smell it has, I still use this over my other powders. Even my Loreal perfect match powder. And its so cheap!

Cherry Chapstick:
This one is odd, or is it? Im not really a lipstick person (but Erika, How can you not be a lipstick person?) Because for some reason, when I do wear it, I look like a clown. Ive been more of a stain, balm kind of girl as of late. Occasionally Ill put on some gloss. But cherry chapstick over a stain seems to make me a happy camper.

Elf HD foundation: 
I wrote about this a few months ago, and I'm still using it. I may repurchase this, but only for the winter. In the summer, I try not to use anything heavy, as Ive been blessed with a super oily T-zone. Yay! The coverage is pretty damn good and it seems to work with the powder.

 and I think that's it!

Friday, February 28, 2014

My current favorite Youtubers!

I have the sickest YouTube obsession. I watch videos at night, right before I go to bed and its just a calming and relaxing ritual for me. Most of them are shockingly beauty, so I'll start with them first:

I've been watching her videos nonstop at night, I think she is the love child of Misha Barton and Ashley green. Another blogger who has a sense of humor! My two favorite things beauty and humor!


Meghan Rosette:
Ive never seen so much energy in a person, but its a good kind. Like a goofy kind. I love her beauty favorites, because she also includes non beauty items.

Hilarious, she does a series of videos of love and hated products and they always crack me up! Another gorgeous blogger to boot. She's ridiculously beautiful.

Beauty Crush:
She is gorgeous! I like how her videos are spread out on different topics. I can see why she is so popular.

And of course I need comic relief so I re-watch Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show. He has been on of my favorite comics for over 10 years now. I love him. Seriously.

(Paul Rudd and Jimmy Fallon...yes please)

 I also watch drawing tutorials all the time on the ole tube, Mark Crilley is amazing. I love his recent Elsa drawing, he is magic. Also FROZEN. If you do not love this movie, then well, I can not even acknowledge your existence. Obsessed!

I have a ton more, but seriously I have to stop because I look incredibly addicted already with the ones that I have posted.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I admit it, I utterly suck at it. I have all the tools. All the best contouring products including Laguna bronzer from Nars, but I can't seem to get it right. I follow the steps, suck in my cheeks, follow the hollow, blend blend blend.. and it looks like i have a brown strip on the side of my face. I seriously can not get it right. In other news, seems Kim K can't either this time. I've seen her with her face contoured before but yeesh, did she not have a mirror on hand? Okay, no more jabs. But girl, your better then this:
Credit: justjared.com (click picture)
Why does she do her make up like this? It ages her! She's young, and without make up she looks younger then her age of 33. Seriously, take some of it off, you don't need it.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Gobble Gobble!

Hope everyone is having a great day, be it eating with family or not, Happy Thanksgiving!